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Welcome to our Campaign Website! 

We'll be counting on your vote in November in exchange for the opportunity to restore public trust in our Sparta Board of Education, to address our district's most glaring infrastructural concerns, and to reconnect our students and staff with their community.

 Our pledge?

To do the job you've elected us to do...

Take the politics out of the equation and bring the focus back to education.

We do this by advocating for every student, every staff member, every administrator, and every parent alike. We do this by...


 We'd Like To Thank Our Community For Your Support

“Public schools are learning institutions that are funded by local, state and/or federal governments. While the state establishes the broad parameters within which school districts must operate, local school boards set many of the policies and procedures that most directly affect district students and staff.”

Definition courtesy of


What is the role of a Board Member?

“School board members establish the vision and goals for the public schools in their district and set standards for the performance of schools and superintendents. School board members are tasked with an important responsibility: educating more than 50 million children – almost nine out of every ten students – who receive their education in public schools.”

Definition courtesy of the National School Board Association


 What does Advocate mean?

To advocate means to support. It does not mean to change. It does not mean to solve. It means supporting someone’s beliefs, rights, and experiences… even when we disagree at our core.

People deserve to trust that their voices are being heard, their concerns are being validated, and their views or wishes matter. To advocate is to uphold this standard for others as much as we would for ourselves.

Advocacy is rooted in respect and communication. Members of our community have the right to be respected in all capacities… and to be kept involved in all challenges, ideas, and progress taking place within our district. 

Every decision, every vote, no matter how big or small, will be seen as an opportunity for us to advocate for you.

“How will you advocate for me when we do not agree on X, Y, or Z?” 

It’s simple; we can listen, we can empathize, and we can understand.

As long as your wishes or concerns are matters for the Sparta Board of Education, we promise to bring them with us to the table. If they are matters outside the scope of the BOE, we promise to guide you in the right direction.


Who is ALL?

When we say "Advocating for ALL," we mean every student, every teacher, and every parent. That being said, our advocacy applies to any person with a vested interest in our public education system.

From Kindergarten students to our most seasoned professional staff members… From a single taxpayer to a married parent of ten… From newly appointed custodians and esteemed bus drivers to the students of this year’s graduating class…

Every Spartan voice counts. 

Making sure ALL members of our community are involved and well-represented will be essential to our success. 

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